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About me

Pedro Sanção

I started web development in 2004 at 13 years old, now I still do and love this area. I became a focused and versatile developer with more than 10 year of professional experience.

I'm self taught and easy learner, so I'm always studying new technologies. I do apply good development and security practices in my work.

My expertise is PHP, working with object oriented programing, PSR standards, SOLID principles, design patterns and MVC architecture and variations.

Also I mastered Javascript, I like the modern front-end frameworks and how practical the language is both in browser and server-side with Node and derivations.

I'm enthusiastic with geek and maker culture, also fan of GIT. I enjoy being active in open source community. Eventualy I answer questions on StackOverflow.

System Analysis and Development at "Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia de São Paulo"
São Paulo/SP, Brazil, Earth
  • PHP and Javascript (ES6+) expext
  • Laravel, Node, VueJs and React
  • Composer, npm and yarn
  • Advanced SQL; non relational database
  • Regular expressions
  • API/WebServices creation and integration
  • DevOps, Shell script and Linux servers
  • AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean and Azure

Some of my work

Printing press pieces

WordImpress PHP

Static site generator library that uses Wordpress API as content source. The library still a prototype.

Photo by Marcus dePaula on Unsplash
Access token

Authenticator PHP

A web client for two-factor authentication, providing additional layer of security to your accounts on the go. Different from mobile apps it doesn't bind you to a specific device.

The package to generate tokens also is available at PHP One Time Password.

PHP Color Extractor

Color Extractor PHP

Package to extract colors from images, has settings of sensitivity and several reduce and group algorithms.

Plugin AsciiMath para TinyMCE 4

AsciiMath Plugin for TinyMCE 4 Javascript

Plugin to include math formulas on TinyMCE 4 WYSIWYG editor using AsciiMath syntax and MathJax to render. There is a demo available here.

Projects I contributed

Laravel Short URL

Laravel Short URL PHP/Laravel

A package to shorten URLs without use of external services.

Added a way to allow developers to override migrations on the package.

Logo by Caneco
Strange Eons X-Wing Plugin

Strange Eons X-Wing Plugin Java and Javascript mixed

Strange Eons is a software to create boardgames components. I added support to new components to existing plugin for Star Wars X-Wing.