AsciiMath plugin for TinyMCE 4

A plugin for TinyMCE 4 which enables user to input and preview mathematical expressions with AsciiMath markup language.

There is a very good plugin for TinyMCE 3, which supports even graphics, but unfortunately it was not updated for version 4 of the editor.

Please note that this plugin is in development (suspended D: until I have time for it).


The demonstration is avaliable here.


Download the plugin.js file in the following directory structure.

└── plugins
    └── asciimath4
        └── plugin.js

If you are using the minified version of TinyMCE, rename it to plugin.min.js.

Add the plugin and the optionally the button in the TinyMCE init:

    selector: 'textarea'
,   plugins: 'asciimath4'
,   toolbar: 'asciimath4'


There some parameters avaliable you can use on tinymce.init:


This plugins uses MathJax, but it automatically downloads what is needed from CDN. So don't worry about dependencies.


GNU General Public License v2, see LICENSE

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